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Piano Lessons Barbara Ehrlich

Piano Lessons Basking Ridge

Barbara Ehrlich enjoys fostering musical passion by coaching others in piano lessons. She excels in showing students how to learn piano by taking technique and ear training as starting points. Barbara is a talented pianist who listens to and patiently guides her students in musicianship. She teaches that the essence of musicianship lies in artistic sensitivity. 

Basking Ridge Piano Lessons 

Basic building blocks to playing piano - melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, tone color and form - are musical creations for self-expression. Barbara focuses on pieces that music lovers might enjoy in the course of their musical experience and then creates an interpretive experience. Her piano instruction guides and strengthens students' active listening skills to enhance their enjoyment of music and playing piano through ear training in classical music. 


Barbara commits to the diversity of the musical community by fostering an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all. She believes that all who have a desire to learn, from children to teens to adult beginners, can easily learn piano. Barbara has played piano since 1962. Students will need to buy a piano to take piano lessons.

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