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Piano Lessons Bedminster

Barbara Ehrlich inspires creative juices in piano students by helping them grasp intuitive insight and revelation through their piano music. In her private piano lessons, Barbara offers  piano instruction, piano music theory instruction, and composition, including these methodologies: 


  • learning musical notation

  • improving sight reading skills

  • learning sight singing

  • appreciating musicianship & music

  • understanding pitch and playing by ear

Piano Teacher Bedminsteer

Bedminster Piano Lessons

Barbara gives her attention to the piano student while creating a music educational environment that fosters intellectual challenge, genuine curiosity, and artistic creativity. By introducing and deepening the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of music, Barbara enriches the lives of students through piano lessons.

Barbara is committed to offering a full range of instrumental instruction in a learning environment with attention tailored to each piano student. She is extremely talented in integrating musicianship training into all aspects of a well-balanced curriculum. Barbara emphasizes creativity in her piano lessons and acquaints students with fundamental aspects of traditional theory and technique. Barbara has played piano since 1960. Students must have a piano or a piano keyboard.

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