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Piano Classes

 Bedminster, Bernardsville, Basking Ridge, Millington

Basking Ridge Piano Teacher

Piano Classes for Young Students


Enrollment age 5

Young students receive comprehensive instruction in piano classes with parental involvement. Our classes nurture the student's musical sensitivity, listening skills, and technical proficiency equally. Students learn piano at first by ear training, and, at the same time, are taught fundamentals of theory and music reading. Students play pitches and pitched intervals. Learning the piano keyboard includes weekly private piano lessons. In addition, students learn Techniques of Music. 

First Theory

Children experience the fundamentals of music through rhythm, form, and melody with piano. These classes provide an excellent foundation for learning piano. Written theory will be introduced.

Junior Piano Classes

Grades 4-6

Techniques of Music

Students grades 4-6 enter Junior Classes, designed to give the young musician a comprehensive introduction to music fundamentals as well as more advanced topics. Weekly classes include a private lesson and, beginning at Grade 4, a monthly performance piece. Techniques of Music classes include both written theory and ear training, as well as introducing works from music literature.

Elementary Techniques of Music Courses

Students learn basic music material rhythmic awareness and basic reading during the first two years, while the fundamentals of music theory and form are stressed in years three and four. Guided listening acquaints the child with significant selections of the literature while developing listening skills.

Intermediate Techniques of Music

Students continue the work begun in the elementary coursework, including more advanced sight-reading and melodic dictation. Harmony and species counterpoint are introduced. Listening is expanded to include longer selections; the emotional and expressive qualities of a work are discussed in addition to theoretical concepts. Courses also include intensive review of previously learned materials in order to create a firm foundation for musical growth.

Piano Teacher Basking Ridge
Piano Lesons Bernardsville

Pre-Senior Piano Classes

Grades 7-8

Techniques of Music 

The Pre-Senior piano classes are designed for students in grades 7-8. Techniques of Music includes both written theory and ear training, as well as introducing works from the literature and prepare students for the Senior Classes curriculum.

Ownership of a piano is required. It is recommended that students playing a digital keyboard investigate buying a piano.

Piano Teacher Bernardsville

Senior Piano Classes

Grades 9–12

Theory and Ear Training 

Beginning in high school, students enter Senior Classes, which requires more intensive theory and ear-training classes. Theory instruction centers on advanced, chromatic harmonic studies as well as counterpoint in all species. Realization of figured bass, harmonic analysis, and more advanced forms are also taught. Ear training is focused on advanced dictation, sight-singing in all the clefs, and complex rhythmic patterns. Significant works from the repertoire are often used to demonstrate theoretical concepts.

Bernardsville Piano Lessons

Adult Continuing Education Classes

The adult program is tailored to the needs of pianists with the desire and time to devote to practice for continuing study of piano. 


Students may enroll at any time during the year.

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